Normal is…

help, my cell phone went through the wash

“Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine.” Whoopi Goldberg

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4 Responses to Normal is…

  1. I love Whoopi’s comment. If that is what NORMAL is, I would say that normal can be a few incidences that happen when everything is abnormal. Whoopi’s definition makes life sound a bit boring, routine. The cartoon says it all.

  2. brenjacobsen says:

    – except I thought- he should not be smiling about this but I didn’t want to upload a new pic. Maybe the reality of the LOSS of his cell has not hit him over the head.

    Life sounds a bit boring. Interesting take on this..-Most of life and people are abnormal- and when we say to someone-“You seem normal” or your “symptoms are no doubt, normal” or better yet “Why can’t you have normal friends” or why don’t I have normal children? Being “normal ” is such an elusive thing-There is no such thing as normal in life- we are all shades of grey- more like gardens with plants and shoots and seeds shooting everywhere higgledy- piggledy- life is far more complex then say, the simple mechanical button on the washer. But yes, normal people can be quite uninteresting at times. I prefer people – more on the spin and shake cycle – which is what my washer does when it is out of whack ( ready for take- off.) Still, everything in moderation- boring and routine is also comforting and necessary at times! Make any sense?
    Here endeth the Epistle.

  3. A smile? I think it looks more like, “grin and bare it”!

    • brenjacobsen says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I do appreciate you showing up on my blog and writing comments. Adds a whole new dimension to my drawings! As in live company.

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